15+ Car Garage Design Ideas Besides Minimalist Home

Modern House Garage

Building a complete residence with various existing facilities certainly requires a fairly mature plan. One of them is when we build a home garage. The choice of a home garage model really determines whether our housing will look better or if the garage damages the outside of the house. Especially for the type of minimalist house that you have today, of course, requires the best design.

Speaking of garage space, of course, we can say that the garage is a very important room for us. Space, where the vehicle is stored, is very safe in the house. For that reason, of course, almost every home has a garage space which is certainly a place that must be in the part of the house.

Building a garage next to a house is usually the best choice for owners of modern architectural minimalist homes. Utilization of side-house land is considered more efficient, efficient, and certainly adds to the aesthetic value of the house.

Building a garage is not easy. You also have to determine the right material, design, and size. For a side-garage model house, the average community only uses a garage canopy because it is considered more cost-effective. But if you want to build it using walls, it will definitely be better and safer. If you build using concrete that you also need to pay attention to is the model of the garage door to fit the terrace.

Furthermore, the most important thing in building the best garage is the ceramic part. The garage ceramic model is different from the ceramic model of the living room or other house space. The garage ceramic texture must be rougher because it prevents slippery when the vehicle enters the garage. Also, garage ceramics must be more sturdy because it will be run over by cars and other vehicles whose notes have a fairly heavyweight.

Do not let the original build a garage for a minimalist residence because the results are definitely not good. Well, to add to your inspiration in building it along with the best garage model.

Maybe that’s a brief discussion about a simple but elegant model of a modern garage next to a minimalist house.

25 Lovely Container Plants Garden Ideas For Home Front Yard Decoration

Home Planter Ideas

This container is great for changing the atmosphere or determining a particular style of space in your garden. After choosing the type of strawberry plant you want to plant, you must choose the container where you want to plant it. You can also paint or decorate your container to give flowers, but try to keep the pattern clean and easy. Containers that have many drainage holes or hanging baskets that are suitable for the same thing.

You will need a container. In case the container will be visible from all sides, plant it in the middle. The container is the solution to your problem. You just have to choose the container you want to use and then follow the instructions to hang your plants properly so that they will grow properly. Make sure you don’t leave metal containers in the hot sun! Continue reading “25 Lovely Container Plants Garden Ideas For Home Front Yard Decoration”