20 Unique Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas You Have To See For Your Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Design Gothic Ideas(22)

Gothic bedroom design can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with the atmosphere of the room so-so only. Hearing the word gothic, maybe you will immediately think if this concept looks so creepy. But believe me, the gothic style will make your bedroom feel very classy.

The color of the strong character and visible thickness is the color that is most synonymous with gothic nuances. The examples of colors are dark yellow, red, dark green, black, gold, and dark purple. Please play with one of these colors or combine several colors at once. For example, a blend of dark purple and black will give birth to a room of strong luxury character.

In addition to interesting, gothic style can also be said to be unique. This is because it is still rare people who dare to apply this design concept. If you are also still half-done to apply it, no need to dominate the walls of the room with a gothic feel. You can give a touch of this gothic style through the addition of carpets, lamp shades, furniture, bed sheets and blankets, and curtains.

Bedroom Design Gothic Ideas(15)

Gothic style inspired by the magnificent buildings in medieval times. Its distinctive feature is the use of pointy ornaments on the dome of the roof, windows, and doors. In the bedroom, you can also bring this pointy shaped ornament on the bed. Well in this article I’ve summarized 20 bedrooms design gothic style.

Hopefully, you are inspired and want to apply the gothic style.

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