20+ Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Desain

Arranging a small room is not easy. Usually, a house of type 36 or 22 just gives 2×1 meter portion for body cleansing room. Of the many housing, there are three housing that presents small bathrooms such as Cimuning Royal Residence, Sawangan Hills 3 and Casa Green Cibinong.

The bathroom is small but if in the design by the hands of expert Architectural Services Desai then the bathroom will still be fun. In modern times, modern technology has enabled the emergence of various alternative materials for the bathroom of a minimalist home design.

Technological advances and interior design trends, built homes and home designs also provide a choice of various shapes and styles. Sanitaire is made with a variety of designs and optimal strength.

Bathroom Desain 12
Bathroom Desain 12

Similarly, wall and floor coatings, with a variety of shapes, colors, and prices. In this article, I will give you a small but beautiful, clean, trendy and healthy bathroom design suitable for small homes.

Interestingly, if the bathroom you use is very good and the trend will make you so much fun that you can sing and dance. Hopefully with the design of the bathroom above can make you think to make it like that and can make your day fun every day.

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