25 Stunning Modern Home Exterior Designs That You Can Imitate

Modern small Home Exterior 11

Having a house with a modern feel is indeed everyone’s dream. You can stay in a residential with a modern atmosphere that certainly looks very charming. By choosing a home with a modern design, you have automatically followed the trends of the home design that will not make your occupancy […]

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25 Modern and Charming Small Kitchen Ideas to Make It Look More Extensive

Tiny Kitchen ideas 11

Speaking of small kitchen designs, almost every housewife or small kitchen user often complains and frustrates limitations in terms of space and function. This error is common and often occurs because the design of small kitchens rarely puts the needs of mothers or kitchen users in total. What’s more, many […]

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16 Simple and Comfortable Workspace Design for Apartments

elegant apartment workspace design

There are various reasons that make workers choose to live in apartments. Despite having many positive sides, living in an apartment also has its own challenges. For example, questioning workspace in small apartments like in type 21 apartments or studio types. This type of apartment has limited space, even the […]

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20 Home Interior Design with Traditional Japanese Style

Traditional Japanese Living Room 6

Japanese traditional house architecture has never lost fans from time to time. A distinctive feature of traditional Japanese home architecture is utilizing building structures made of wood with floors that do not touch the ground and sliding doors. Another uniqueness of Japanese home interiors is always displaying wood surfaces. The […]

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